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Turmeric Benefits and Health News

The Many Benefits of Ginger...

health benefits of ginger
Ginger is considered a root and it actually comes from an underground stem that's called a rhizome. It can be used in several ways. Ginger can be consumed fresh and eaten raw where you peel the outer skin or cut away the excess skin.

8 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil

coconut oil benefits

100% Natural. Aids in Digestion. Helps with Weight Loss. Immunity Booster.

If you haven't tried it, you may not know about the many health benefits it coconut oil has. Coconut oil is used in the hair, on the skin, in diets and for healthy living. Heal your body the natural way with coconut oil.

Can I Take Turmeric If I Have Gerd?

turmeric for heart burn
About 14 – 20% of all Americans have experienced gerd. These statistics in the 'Alternative Medicine Review' indicate that gerd is a common problem. Antacids are the commonly used treatment to take care of this condition. Individuals experience gerd in mild or extremely escalated levels. Most people complain of having heartburn when they have gerd.

Can Turmeric Benefit People With Nerve Pain?

turmeric for neuropathic pain
With neuropathic pain becoming rampant among many people, it is important to analyze its causes and try to establish solutions to cure the condition. Nerve pain is known for the untold misery it causes to victims of this condition. Neuropathic pain is a condition that arises from injury or infection of the nerves such that they are not able to communicate well with the brain.

Study Shows Turmeric (Curcumin) To Be As Effective As Prozac At Treating Depression

turmeric for depression
Depression is one of the commonest disorders today. The reason why probably most people have knowingly or unknowingly found themselves in the cocoon of depression is the many things in life demanding their attention. These issues vary from family, business, social, political and educational matters.

Can You "Trick" Your Body Into Feeling Full?

tricks to feel full
Eating right can be considered one of the most important factors for ensuring a person's well-being. However, following through is much easier said than done because even small missteps can cause people to feel hunger in spite of having eaten, thus turning something that should be simple into a constant struggle to remain on the right path.

Do You Know How Dangerous Inflammation Is For You?

When the term inflation is used, many people think it is the swelling of body tissues that arises from minute strains such as exercise. While that is true, inflammation goes to even much greater heights whereby it becomes a major problem in one's body.

Tips to Help You Get Enough Protein with a Vegan Diet

Deciding to make the change to vegan can be tough if you're used to your favorite meaty meals. You might panic and think you'll never be able to get enough protein during the day or during your daily workouts.

Feeling Sluggish? These Small Daily Changes Can Give You More Energy Throughout The Day

natural energy
Finding that your level of energy isn't what it used to be is discouraging. These simple alterations to your daily routine can help give you more endurance and natural energy to get you through your day without feeling depleted!

What Happens To Your Body When You Take NSAID's?

Over 30 million people in the U.S find NSAID's effective, however majority of those people are completely unaware of the numerous potential dangers that come with using these over the counter medications. 
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