Gluten-Free: Brazilian Cheese Bread- Pao De Queijo [Video Recipe]

Pao De Queijo Brazilian Cheese Bread Gluten Free Fogo De Chao Inspired

Pao De Queijo are cheesy, savory, and deliciously chewy 2-bite traditional Brazilian bread that are unlike any bread out there! They're made with Tapioca Flour (starch) instead of traditional wheat flours so they are a great Gluten-Free option for those with Celiac's Disease! If you've ever been to Fogo De Chao you might be familiar with just how satisfying these petite pastries are!

To improve this recipe even more we made some minor tweaks to make it just a bit more healthy such as reducing the amount of butter and replacing it with virgin coconut oil and replacing milk with almond milk.

These wonderful mini dinner rolls are actually surprisingly quick and easy to make! We highly recommend serving these at your next dinner party, but be prepared to share your recipe because your guests will be wowed! Did we mention this is Gluten- Free?!

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