Strawberry Lemonade Citrus Infused Ice [Video]

Strawberry Lemonade Citrus Infused Ice

Summer is quickly approaching. As temperatures rise, many people enjoy cooling off and hydrating with an ice cold beverage. However, some of these beverages are loaded with unnecessary amounts of sugar. Pure fruit juices can be heavy. The only other options to these are bland and underwhelming choices such as water or iced tea. A great alternative to satisfy your cravings for an icy drink without sacrificing health or flavor are these Strawberry Lemonade Citrus Infused Ice.

These delicious Strawberry Lemonade Citrus Ice cubes are a great way to add interest to bland drinks such as water, sparkling water, or a favorite beverage enhancing the taste and making them more enjoyable! The fruit-infused ice cubes are great to have during hot summer days and the beautiful variety of colors will add visual appeal making even a simple glass of water fun to drink for kids and adults of all ages!

These ice cubes combine all the wonderful flavors of strawberries, oranges, lemons, and mint to spruce up any drink! The natural sweetness from the strawberries and oranges perfectly compliments the tartness from the lemons without the addition of any added sugars.

In addition to being delicious and visually appealing, these infused frozen drink coolers are healthy for you too! The fruits in this recipe are loaded with potent antioxidants and vitamins to help protect against oxidative-stress and free radical damage. The citrus peels in the recipe are packed with hidden health properties such as pectin, Polymethoxylated Flavones (PMFs), fiber, limonene, beta-carotene, and Hesperidin. All these properties contribute to a plethora of amazing health benefits! (Click here for more info!)

We hope this article has inspired you to go out and make these wonderfully delicious Strawberry Lemonade Citrus Infused Ice cubes! They are a great way to "WOW!" your guests at any social gathering, picnic, or even a sporting even for the kids. For the adults, these Citrus Ice cubes are a clever idea to chill alcoholic beverages without watering them down! Instead, these cubes will add even more flavor to your drink as they melt!