Can Turmeric Be As Helpful As Physical Fitness?

Turmeric May Be As Helpful To Your Heart As Physical Fitness.

Physical fitness has been one of the major recommendations of avoiding heart problems. However, turmeric is also one of the greatest ways of avoiding heart problems.

Heart problems are not the new challenge to the current world. Previously, heart conditions were associated with senior citizens. However, that narrative has now changed to everyone. Today young children are being diagnosed with heart problems. Every day we are losing loved ones to it. There are many ways of preventing or controlling heart conditions. However, this write-up will discuss turmeric as one of the turmeric heart healthmeans.

Arguably, turmeric is one of the most potent herbs in the world. It has become one of the most important herbs in recent times. Its capability to reverse diseases has made it even more famous and a more sought after herb. Most of the supplements that are used in treating heart problems are made from turmeric. It has also proved to be an excellent anti-depressant. It is capable of controlling depression among many other benefits.

Turmeric has been categorized among world's best spice that contains many essential minerals. Turmeric has been in use in Asia for many centuries; it originally came from Asia. Turmeric contains too many valuable minerals, these minerals are:

Curcumin - Despite being found from ginger too, turmeric is the highest producer of curcumin. Curcumin is a yellow pigment that has been associated with the curry spice. Data shows that their annual sale has been on the increase since 2012. Additionally, it is the main proponent turmeric. It is used to make supplements.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - This is water soluble and an excellent and powerful natural anti-oxidant. This vitamin helps the body's immune develop against any infectious agents. It also removes harmful oxygen radicals. Turmeric is a known producer of this vitamin.

Other minerals are

  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Zinc

Turmeric has proved to help in fighting heart problems; this happens in many ways. Among the ways how turmeric help is:

Turmeric Helps In Reducing Cholesterol Oxidation

Cholesterol is the wax-like substance that builds up in the bloodstream. This wax-like develops naturally as the body needs it to function. Cholesterol is also in the foods that we eat. However at a certain point if not controlled it may lead to heart complications especially having a heart attack. The substance builds up between the layers of the artery wall making it hard to breathe.

If this cholesterol breaks apart, it may cause blood clots which in turn may lead to stroke. Stroke is caused by clots that cut the arteries that result in the brain. Additionally, if an artery leading to the heart is blocked, one is at the risk of getting the heart attack. Oxidation is a normal body process. However if something triggers an overproduction of oxidized cholesterol, it becomes a health hazard. The immune system may mistake it for a bacterium. When the system fights, it may cause inflammation of the arterial wall which may lead to heart disease or atherosclerosis.

As I said earlier, turmeric contains curcumin as one of its primary minerals. This mineral helps the body fight and lower cholesterol build up. It also reduces its level quickly and efficiently. It's the best natural remedy as it does not have side effects unless taken excessively.

Clot formation

The body has a control mechanism when it comes to blood clotting. However, the system has some abnormality that may lead to excessive bleeding or clotting. In case clotting is poor, a small injury may become fatal for excessive bleeding. When such happen the small blood vessels becomes clogged with blood. Unfortunately, the clogged vessels in most times are at critical places in the body. These clogged vessels in the brain are the cause of stroke while clogged vessels to the heart may cause a heart attack.

There are several types of blood clotting. These are blood clot that occurs in different places, and they are known as:

  • Myocardial infarction (blocks artery connected to the heart causing heart attack)
  • Stroke (happens in the vessels that supply blood to the brain)
  • Arterial thrombosis (occurs in the arteries)
  • Hepatic vein thrombosis (obstructs blood flow to liver)
  • Venous thrombosis (occurs in the veins)

Two types of research, one in 1999 in "biochemical pharmacology" and the other in 2005 in the "journal of physiology and pharmacology" have both shown that curcumin helps in reduction of artery clogging. The ability to inhibit platelet aggregation and keep blood flowing. However, for pregnant women seeking advice before taking turmeric is advisable.

Turmeric Can Reduce Plaque Build Up

Whenever cholesterol combines with low-density lipoprotein fat, calcium and other substances in the blood, they form a plaque. When plaque is formed in the artery, it causes the arteries to narrow; this increases risks of having a heart attack. The process of narrowing of arteries is called atherosclerosis. This mostly results from the food that we take especially junk food. When plaque builds up, it hardens the arteries which obstruct the blood flow. Even if it does not cause heart attack, it leaves you at the highest risk of having an attack.

Food is one of the greatest causes of cholesterol builds up in our bodies. Junk food is the major cause due to their high-fat content, sugar, and others. Things like eggs have too much protein that goes to build up in the body. However, with turmeric, you can rest assured that this won't happen at all.

Turmeric has been proven to be able to minimize heart damage especially when one has suffered a heart attack. More importantly, it can prevent the buildup of plaque thus reducing chances of heart attack or stroke. Additionally, curcumin that is contained in turmeric prevents cholesterol oxidation. Cholesterol oxidation is the builder of plaque.

Those are a few of the benefits of turmeric when it comes to heart. However, there are many more benefits of turmeric and they are;

Turmeric has bio-active compounds which have powerful medicinal properties. One of its major compounds is curcuminoids which contain curcumin. When one has an anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory, it acts as a reducing agent.

Most of the times for one to maintain their physical fitness a lot of practice is needed. Unfortunately for some people whose schedule is tight that they don't have time for that. Some people also not fun of practice, and therefore they don't. Without physical fitness, one is left exposed to too many health complications. These complications are not only hearted attack but also others like:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer treatment
  • Arthritis management

In one way or the other, this complication finds themselves affecting the heart. It is, therefore, important to give physical fitness the priority.

Unlike practices, turmeric will consume no time for you. It can be used spice in your food; some make tea with it. As long as it is absorbed quantitatively than physical health is assured. It's wise to note that turmeric helps in control of bad cholesterol. And just like other cholesterol, bad cholesterol also increases chances of heart attack. However, it is important to practice is imperative to one's health and therefore it is important to do it whenever it's possible.

The consumption of turmeric may be through diet or supplements. In most cases, most people prefer it in a diet. While in the diet, it is made curry powder that is used as a spice. Despite being less efficient than when taken as a supplement while in food, it is much advantageous as it will be consumed by everyone including children who in most cases don't like supplements.

A study done on 2004 showed that turmeric could correct the most common expression of the genetic defect. It is responsible for cystic fibrosis, a fatal disease that attacks the lungs with thick mucus. This causes an infection that is life threatening.

In conclusion, turmeric should become everyone's friend if at all we need to have a healthy life. Turmeric has proved to control many health problems and not only heart-related but all other. Therefore for anyone who wants a healthy life and that of their family turmeric must become a household name.