Feeling Sluggish? These Small Daily Changes Can Give You More Energy Throughout The Day


Easy Alterations to your Daily Routine Improves Overall Endurance

Finding that your level of energy isn't what it used to be is discouraging. Simple alterations to your daily routine can help give you more endurance and natural energy to get through your day without feeling depleted. Stress does have a lot to do with your energy level as it reduces your ability to focus which decreases motivation and productivity.

These alterations to your life are all natural ways to improve your overall health, reduce stress, and improve your overall endurance.

Daily Exercise

benefits-of-walkingIt is necessary to find at least 20 minutes every day to exercise. You do not have to go to a gym or work with a personal trainer to complete exercise daily. Simply going for a brisk walk, bike ride or a long swim can help you get an ample amount of exercise.

Exercising helps your body release negative toxins that may be hindering your performance or thought processes. When you exercise outdoors, the peace and quiet of being in nature may also assist in reducing stress.

The ideal time to exercise is in the morning, before you go to work. However, you can workout or exercise whenever your schedule permits. To ensure that you stay motivated to exercise every day, gather a group of friends to participate with. The group activity keeps the whole group motivated and helps each group member create personal goals to achieve.

Meditation/Relaxation Plan

At the end of each day, set aside some time to relax. Reducing stress daily helps you perform better at work, remain more focused, and have more energy. When you take the time to sit quietly with a comforting candle burning, reading, or soaking in the bathtub, your mind is relaxed and you obtain a much more restful night's sleep.

It is best to select a meditation or relaxation regimen that suits your lifestyle. Enjoying your quiet time helps it be more successful in reducing the day's stresses. One method of meditation is to simply sit in a quiet room with your legs folded Indian-style. You will touch your thumb do your index finger and invert your wrists. Place your inverted wrists on your knees and breathe slow, deep breaths.benefits-of-meditation

During this quiet time, think of affirmations or goals that you wish to achieve. Keep those thoughts to yourself and just focus on your affirmation. Refrain from thinking about what troubled you that day or the laundry list of things you have to do the next day. Those will distract your concentration and will make your meditation session unsuccessful.

Yoga is another option for relaxation. The stretching motions can help tone your body and increase muscle endurance. Yoga in groups also provides serene social interaction that is relaxing.

Improving Focus for Increased Productivity

If you wake up and dozens of items from your to-do list immediately fill your mind, it will be hard to focus on any one task throughout the day. For the first hour of your day, stay away from technology. Do the same an hour before bed, as this can be your
unplug-from-technologymeditation/relaxation time. The first hour of the day can be spent with your family discussing current events, their plans for the day or working on your priority list for the day. When your day starts with at a more relaxed pace, you are less likely to become distracted and experience greater productivity both at home and at work.

The last hour of the day can be spent reading a book to your children and then enjoying your meditation/relaxation time, just as an example. The interaction with your family helps get you away from technology and connecting with those that are the most important to you. If it is just you and your spouse, have a cup of tea and chat, listen to music together or consider trading massages rather than checking your email and social media accounts - which can lead to a poor night's sleep.

Improving your Diet

The way you eat, especially as you get a little older, has a lot to do with your endurance. Eating fresh, clean foods is better for your body as you will take in more natural vitamins and nutrients. Processed and pre-packaged foods are full of sodium, fillers, and preservatives that slow down your metabolism. Maintaining a higher metabolism through a fresh, natural diet helps the afternoon and evening feelings of laziness and fatigue at bay.

If you are unsure of the portions, you should be eating for your age group and body type, it is ideal to consult a dietary specialist. You will learn how to control your portions, how to eat healthy when travelling or dining out and how to make smart choices when grocery
improving your dietshopping.

Increase your fresh fruit and vegetable intake. It may cause your grocery bill to rise slightly, but purchasing fruit and vegetables that are in-season more often helps you maintain your grocery budget. While adopting a healthy eating plan, challenge yourself to try something new every week.

Biotin Benefits

Biotin is what helps your body convert food into energy. It is a B-complex vitamin but is also referred to as vitamin H. Eating a healthy diet is the best way for your body to get the recommended amount of biotin. If your physician has mentioned a biotin or vitamin H biotin benefitsdeficiency, a natural supplement can help remedy the deficiency.

Biotin can help regulate blood glucose levels. Studies have shown that reduced biotin levels are seen in Type II diabetes. Fatty acids are created as glucose is converted, so biotin may also assist Type I diabetics with regulating blood glucose levels.

It is also known to assist with achieving healthy hair, skin and nails. While incorporating biotin into your diet, also be conscious of the health and beauty products you are using on your skin. Those can reverse some of the progress made by regulating your biotin level.

Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric is a bright yellow spice that is good for your body. If your dish is looking a little bland in color, add turmeric as it helps infuse color into your meal. Turmeric is beneficial health benefits of turmericto the body as it can help decrease joint pain. Taking over-the-counter pain relievers can negatively affect your digestive system over time; turmeric may be a suitable alternative just by incorporating it into your meals more often.

Ar-turmerone helps repair stem cells in the brain. Studies have been completed to show that the regrowth of these specific stem cells can assist with recovery after suffering a stroke. It can also help slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease by protecting your brain's cells. Curcumin is the main compound in turmeric that is related to slowing the progression of Alzheimer's disease and can prevent repeat heart attacks in bypass patients. Read more about health benefits of turmeric and curcumin.

Benefits Of Eating a Banana

Slightly increase your potassium by eating a couple of bananas a week. It can help lower your blood pressure and is known to be a natural source of nearly instant energy. If you take a diuretic, your body's natural potassium level may be compromised. Eating bananas more often can help bridge the gap to prevent a potassium deficiency.

A Couple Closing Tips

Improving your lifestyle now can help strengthen your immune system, strengthen your body, and give you more endurance for more years of your life. These are just simple changes that require minimal will power. You can improve your endurance, even as you age, at a comfortable pace while improving your overall health. It is important to create a healthy lifestyle plan that you can adhere to so that the changes you're making do not seem overwhelming.