Use These 5 Tips To Reduce Your Back Pain

natural back pain relief

The International Association for the study of pain defines pain as "unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage."

Back pain, in particular, affects more Americans than cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined. It is also one of the leading causes of disability and is one of the top reasons why Americans visit their doctors. Not only is the pain an uncomfortable experience, but it also impedes your mobility and ability to enjoy life. Worse still, chronic back pain is difficult to treat and can persist for years on end. The good news is that with these five tips for reducing back pain, you can begin to enjoy life again and have your functionality restored.

1. Watch your weight

Being mindful of your weight is good advice whether you suffer from back pain or not. If you are overweight, the extra weight will put a strain on your spine and result in near constant back pain. A simple way to reduce your back pain is by shedding those extra pounds. 

2. Avoid putting unnecessary strain on your back

For those that suffer from chronic back pain, it is always advisable to avoid putting excess pressure on your back. You may need to make some lifestyle changes to ensure your spine's long-term health.

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Low-intensity exercise is your friend. Avoid high-stress exercises such as weight lifting in favor of activities such as swimming.

For the ladies, ditch the high heels in favor of comfortable flats or small one inch heels. Your back (and feet!) will thank you.

Also, if you carry a heavy handbag or briefcase regularly, consider getting a custom made bag that will not put a strain on your back - one that is adequately padded for your back and spreads the weight evenly instead of a sling bag.

3. Use natural supplements

We have heard first hand from back pain sufferers and the relief they've received after taking our premium turmeric supplement. These people have reported real pain reduction from using natural supplements like turmeric. Some favorites include:

  • Turmeric | Turmeric benefits range from reducing pain, lowering inflammation, cholesterol & heart health. This is a fantastic natural supplement used for many things. .
  • Capsicum | Available in cream form, is warming and good for pain.
  • Devil's claw | This root helps to soothe back pain.

4. Check your sleeping and sitting positionsitting posture back pain

A couple of simple techniques can help reduce back pain significantly. Sleeping in the fetal position with your knees folded up to your stomach offers relief for some people. If you prefer to lie face-up, padding your lower back with a pillow may help. If you have to lie on your belly, then pad your hips with a soft pillow.

When it comes to picking a chair, go for one with straight and firm back support. Avoid using swivel chairs and chairs with curved backs. If you have to use one, then pad your lower back with a pillow.

Keeping your knees slightly above your hips may also help. You can use a puff or ottoman to prop your feet up. Avoid chairs that leave your feet dangling midair. 

5. Stretching is key

Did you know a cause for lower back pain is tight hamstrings? It's true and a simple hamstring stretch can make a world of difference in the amount of lower back pain you feel from day to day.

back pain stretches

Hamstring stretches can reduce the pressure on your pelvis and relieve the tension across your lower back. However, it is best to note that not all hamstring stretches are good for lower back pain. If you have access to a physical therapist, we definitely recommend speaking to them before doing this or any physical exercise.

It is excruciating to have to endure constant back pain without finding a remedy that works. Try out these five tips for reducing back pain, and you may find the answer for you.