Why Is Fish Oil Important To Take?

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Why Is It Important To Take A Fish Oil Supplement?

Fish oil supplements are one of the most commonly consumed supplements since they have numerous benefits to the body. However, despite how productive and healthy they may be, it is still important to consult your doctor before you take any type of supplement, regardless of how safe and natural it is. Those who may be suffering from heart diseases should definitely think about trying a fish oil supplement since it reduces arterial stiffness which is the primary cause of heart complications. However, because their effectiveness occurs over a short period, it is advisable to take them on a regular basis.

Importance of fish oil supplements in your body

  • For better brain functionality, eat fish or take fish oil supplements. Patients suffering from depression or poor memory should try this. Other medical conditions involving the brain such as postpartum depression, bipolar illness, ADHD, and schizophrenia have been proven to get better with the intake of fish oil supplements. This is because fatty acids like DHA are the main components of the brain and the fish supplements have plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. Even those who do not have any brain-related medical condition; the supplements will help in reducing anger, anxiety and increase your brain functionality. This in return improves your mood, physiological and cognitive functions of the brain.
  • People suffering from chronic fatigue could have dangerously low fish oils in their
    body. For one to cater for the deficit, they have to take plenty of fish oils which at times become overwhelming since the dosage is too high affecting their digestive system. This is a rather unfortunate though rare side effect but all the same the patients should take as much as possible without causing more harm to themselves.
  • If the pain that you feel in a particular part of your body is as a result of inflammation, then omega 3 oils will be the much-needed solution. This is because it helps reduce the inflammation and consequently the pain. People who suffer from frequent inflammations and pain show signs of deficiency for these supplements. However, taking the supplements will offer you the much-needed relief from the pain and chances of the inflammations recurring in the future are low. One way in which you can know if you have these supplements in plenty, cut yourself slightly with paper, the pain should go away almost immediately, and the area heals as fast. However, if you find that the place is turning red and pain even after an hour or two, then you need to start taking fish supplements.
  • Studies have shown that fish oil supplements significantly increase the chances of you not getting a heart attack or stroke. This is because the oils help the blood vessels open up allowing proper flow of blood. The oils also act as food for the body cells hence they develop being healthier and stronger to fight disease-causing micro-organisms.

The above medical conditions will either go away completely or improve to a great extent with the increased intake of fish oils. The oils are readily available from salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring or sardines. 3 to 4 servings weekly of either of these would be a perfect dosage for your body. For those who cannot get these in their diet, then a supplement would be just as great as the fish itself. However, the problem with supplements is that the pills could get too many, and the side effects might become more pronounced. Additionally, it is very expensive to buy these supplements to take on a daily basis. Supplements also may have other chemicals like mercury that might pose a health hazard in the body. It would, therefore, be better to have the fish in your meals rather than the supplements but all the same, never fore-go it altogether. It is up to you to decide what to go for, the fish or the fish oils supplements.

Fish oil for the elderly

There is no specific amount of fish oils that the old should take; it all depends on the individual. Your doctor should be able to help you determine what amount is healthy for you. The health benefits are undoubtedly many, but if consumed in excess, it could be dangerous to their health too. With the right amount of dosage, they should be able to reduce instances where they suffer from heart diseases, have better memory and better health in general.

There are some directions however on the amount of fish oil that one should take. Men aged 19 and above, 1,600 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids daily should be enough. On the other hand, women of the same age bracket should take 1,100 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids daily. For those who have had heart diseases in the past, then 800 milligrams daily would be appropriate. However, should your case be different, then your doctor will be able to advise you accordingly.

How to choose a fish oil supplement that works for you

There are two ways you can get fish oil into your body, by eating fish or taking fish oil supplements. Medics recommend that unless you are sick, you should always ensure that you get your fish oil from eating fish. As for those who go for supplements, here are ways in which you can choose the best of those that are available in the market:

  • Always go for a supplement from a reputable company, one that has been in business for a long time. Avoid sellers who cannot state precisely the source of their products.
  • If in doubt, check with the food and drug administration department to find out about the authenticity of the manufacturing company. This is to verify that their supplements have never been banned for being contaminated or not up to standard.
  • Always go for fish oil that has a USP Verified mark. When one has this mark, it means t has been tested and proven that it is safe for human consumption and that it has the right amount of fish oils needed by the body.
  • Also, look for fish oil that states the amount of omega 3 fatty acids EPA it contains. Avoid anything that has the name fish oil only since it could mean they do not have the required EPA.

For any vegetarian patient, you are supposed to look for vegan supplements extracted from algae. Those obtained from fish will cause nausea, burping, and heartburn. Always store these supplements in the freezer, and they should always be taken with warm food. Never be tempted to take more than the required dosage. Excess intake of fish oil could lead to a lower immunity and reduced blood coagulation.