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Fish Oil 2000 MG Omega 3

  • BEST NATURAL SOURCE OF OMEGA 3 - FATTY ACIDS | Our OMEGA 3 fish oil supplement contains 800 mg of EPA and 400 mg of DHA, per serving ensuring you receive the BEST, daily dietary supplementation, to readily reap fish oil's tremendous, science-backed benefits!
  • ADVANCED SUPPORT | Supportive, but not conclusive, scientific research highlights the importance of consuming of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids, as they may reduce the risk of many health issues, thus making fish oil supplementation crucial for those following nutrient-deficient diets. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids have been linked with eye, brain, immunity and joint system support, as well as promoting clear skin and healthy hairmaintenance.
  • NO SCENT, OPTIMAL ABSORPTION | Forget smelly, liquid fish oil, or run-of-the-mill capsules, which leave an unpleasant, fishy aftertaste. Most commercial fish oil supplements activate your gag reflex or upset your stomach, causing burping and distress. Lezuna Omega 3 fish oil softgels are easy to swallow, while their Clear Interior Enteric-Coating releases their contents intact, affording great bioavailability -without the common aftereffectsassociated with inferior fish oil supplements!
  • PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE FISH OIL |  We go to great lengths to ensure our supplement's purity. What makes Lezuna Omega 3 fish oil stand out from the competition is that it is molecularly distilled and ultra-refined, making it FREE of PCB, mercury, heavy metal and any other contaminants. Furthermore, our Lezuna Omega 3 fish oil supplement contains NO sugar, starch, yeast, lactose, gluten, artificial color or flavoring, making it ideal for those with food sensitivities or following a gluten-free diet.

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