Lezuna Mental Acuity Nootropic Brain Supplement with Bacopa Monnieri, Choline Bitartrate, DMAE, DHA Concentrate and more. Increase Focus, Improve Processing Speed, Enhance Clarity, Reduce Brain Fog - 60 Capsules

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” Now, with Lezuna Mental Acuity Nootropic, you can experience it!

Sharpen your focus and reach your brain’s highest capacity. Our special formula contains ingredients proven to increase cerebral functions like memory, processing power, and attention. It’s like getting an upgrade in a supplement.

Key Ingredients & The Studies Behind Them

Bacopa Monnieribacopa monnieri benefits 

Bacopa has been an herbal brain tonic for improving memory, learning, and concentration for least 3,000 years. In one study, researchers tested the effects of bacopa against both ginseng and the smart drug Modafinil. Bacopa exhibited superior cognitive benefits to both. Why? Researchers believe it is because Bacopa is a master neurotransmitter regulator that increases or decreases production of brain chemicals. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that regulate every aspect of brain functionality, including your mood and ability to focus, concentrate, learn, and create memories.

Choline bitartrate  choline benefite

One large human study, with 1391 participants, found that increased choline intake correlated with lower rates of white-matter hyperintensity, abnormal appearance of white matter in the brain, often associated with cognitive deficits among aging people.  What’s more, participants exhibited improved cognitive performance

Choline bitartrate is the direct precursor to acetylcholine, aka the “learning transmitter,” a neurotransmitter that the brain uses to develop new memories. Taking choline bitartrate orally has shown to produce a number of nootropic effects including improved memory, cognitive boosts, and mental stimulation. 

Our Money-Back Guarantee

Developing high-quality supplements is our top priority at Lezuna , and each of our Lezuna supplements is backed by our easy Money-Back Guarantee. Try our supplements for 60 DAYS and if you are dissatisfied, you are free to return your bottle and receive a no-questions-asked, full refund of your purchase, minus the shipping and handling fees.