Turmeric with Black Pepper - Why This Dynamic Duo Is Vital For Turmeric Benefits

turmeric and black pepper

Turmeric by itself is an unassuming little root that gives curry its yellow color.It’s been used in India for thousands of years, making all sorts of curry taste unbelievably good, but healers of India and Eastern Asia quickly realized it had another benefit – medicine.

Now, you’ve probably read our other articles on the history of this little spice and how well researched the benefits of curcumin – the compound that stores all the benefits – are, but what about it makes it so good that many call it The Spice of Life?

Many people say it’s the curcumin that makes turmeric root so miraculous. Indeed, it is responsible for many of the benefits, but turmeric root only contains 3-5% of this curcumin substance, and of that small percentage, our bodies can only absorb less than 5%! You’d have to have a steady diet of curcumin supplements to see any real benefit.

Fortunately, we’ve figured out how to get the most out of your curcumin supplement.

Bioperine® is a standardized extract of Piperine, a natural substance found in black pepper and long pepper fruits. This natural substance helps you absorb nutrients – like curcumin – up to 2000% better!

curcumin vs curcumin and bioperine chart

Unfortunately, black pepper only has 5% - 9% Piperine, which means just adding black pepper to your curcumin is only going to give you minimal improvement.

If you’re already taking a curcumin supplement with black pepper, make sure it’s an extract of Piperine, or you may be losing out on valuable nutrients.

Why Bioperine® Over Black Pepper?

Black pepper has been used as a common household spice all across the world. The spicy taste is attributed to how much Piperine is present in the grounds, which is the active compound of black pepper. There are many benefits of Piperine, making it sought after in the world of medicine, preservatives, and supplements.

People used to believe that directly consuming black pepper would give them all the benefits of Piperine, however, many studies have proven Piperine to directly enhance your body’s bioavailability, not so much the rest of black pepper.

Bioavailability is how much your body can absorb at one time. For more than two decades, Bioperine® has been used as a bioavailability enhancer in both humans and animals.  black pepper and turmeric

It only makes sense that a purified, standardized extract of Piperine has been found to be more effective than raw black pepper.

Bioperine® contains 95% Piperine extract, standardized to ensure you have peace of mind knowing your supplements are properly absorbed, and your hard-earned money is no longer going to waste. 

At MeFirstLiving.com, we take pride in educating you about your health and making sure you can make decisions for yourself.

To help combat the number of supplements on the market that are trying to sell you proprietary blends containing nothing more than some turmeric root powder and cellulose, we began manufacturing our own supplement. Standardized 95% curcumin extract with 5% Bioperine® will make sure you can properly absorb every last milligram of curcumin.

Still not convinced, or want to learn more about the benefits of Bioperine®?

Keep reading to learn more.

Higher Nutrient Absorption

According to the Sabinsa Corporation, the manufacturer of Bioperine®, their supplement increases nutrient absorption in supplement formulas by over 2000%. The supplement increases nutrient absorption in the gut through a process called “bio-enhancement.”

Want to dive into the science for a minute?

Bio-enhancement is a process that inhibits the removal of metabolic enzymes, stimulates amino acid carriers, and decreases intestinal activity. This ensures the continuous availability of active cells in the body, letting them remain with the target cells for a longer period than otherwise.

Essentially, Bioperine® keeps the nutrients in your body longer and helps your cells look for and absorb the nutrition.  

The bio-enhancement activity of Bioperine® is much more effective when combined with antioxidants and other nutritional supplements such as Selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6… and you guessed it: Curcumin.

Yes, curcumin is an antioxidant!


The journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology (2008) recognizes Bioperine® as a powerful antidepressant. This supplement helps Serotonin and Dopamine travel around in your brain. Helping these chemicals travel not only makes you feel happier, but it also enhances cognitive function and reduces stress on the brain.

For an extra bonus, curcumin is also an incredible antidepressant. Two-fer!

Immunity Regulator

We know that curcumin is a clear and complete immune system booster, but did you know that Bioperine® can aid your immune health as well? Specifically, Gout is a health problem many of us battle with at some point in our lives. Gout is typically associated with the immune system overacting to Uric Acid Crystals. When Bioperine® is taken as or with a supplement, it effectively prevents and reduces your chances of developing Gout. It prevents the formation of these crystals, lowers the over-reactive nature of the body’s defense system towards the crystals.

Anti-Cancer Inhibitor

While scientists are still studying this subject, preliminary studies indicate that Bioperine® inhibits the growth of colon cancer cells. When combined with other antioxidants (like curcumin) the benefits are even greater. Both supplements help fight cancerous cells within the body, potentially reducing the risk of developing cancer significantly.

Weight Loss and Increased Energy

Bioperine® has been attributed to weight loss and increased energy because it aids the body in a natural process called thermogenesis. This is a metabolic process our bodies go through after digestion to generate energy from the nutrition it hangs onto. By increasing the body’s internal temperature, it increases the rate of fat burning. An increase in both energy metabolism and fat metabolism is a great boon to weight loss goals. 

Bottom Line

For many years, black pepper has formed an integral part of diet for many people across the globe. Consumption of Piperine has, however, proven to be much more effective than just black pepper. Bioperine® enhances the full power of Piperine, giving you a much-needed boost. For anyone interested in living a healthy life, the effectiveness of Bioperine should be a call to action.

But how much Bioperine® should you look for in a supplement?

Supplement Reviews has reviewed Bioperine® and states you should see between 3mg and 10mg.

Me First Living’s premium curcumin supplement contains 10mg, the perfect amount for 1,000mg of curcumin extract.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease