Turmeric Benefits and Health News

Natural Cures: How Turmeric Can Be Your Joint Pain Miracle

turmeric for joint pain
Are your days filled with joint pain, constantly hoping to find a miracle remedy to get you back on track with your life? Did you know that Turmeric can be a great joint pain remedy? In the last few years, Turmeric has surfaced in the United States market and taken it by storm, and for good reason...

CBS News Features Turmeric As The, "Spice Of Life"...But We're Not Sure That's A Good Thing.

cbs news turmeric spice of life
Turmeric is finally getting the attention a lot of us know it deserves! CBS News just did a great story on how turmeric and all of it's amazing benefits are finally starting to catch on and become more 'main stream', but we're not entirely sure that's a good thing...

Turmeric Buyers Guide: We Compared The Best Turmeric Supplements, Here's The Best Turmeric You Can Buy

best turmeric

Did you know that turmeric can legitimately be a life changing supplement...if you know what to look for. There are so many choices you have when you're buying a turmeric supplement, the choices can be overwhelming. You have cheap brands, expensive brands, some come with 120 capsules, some come with 60, some contain blends, some individual ingredients, but what's right? 

10 Turmeric Benefits That Will Make You Ditch Ibuprofen

replace ibuprofen with turmeric
With the news of Turmeric in the public's eye, many people still use NSAIDs like Ibuprofen which have serious side effects for even short-term use. The FDA recently announced that they are tightening their previous warnings against the popular drugs, millions of people still continue their regular use.

Why Turmeric With Black Pepper Is So Important

curcumin black pepper
People believe that since Bioperine is extracted from black pepper, direct consumption of black pepper would result to enhanced nutrient absorption. A report by Baseline of Health Foundation, however, reveals that taking the right amount of Bioperine at the right time improves the absorption of numerous nutrients and vitamins in the intestine, helps their retention in cells and averts their being metabolized in the liver.

10 Of The Worst "Modern" Foods You Probably Eat Daily

bad foods
High-quality, grass-fed meat can be a great addition to your diet, but lunch meats are another story completely. Deli meats are packed with nitrates. This is largely because the manufacturer uses the nitrate to help prevent bacteria from growing and to cure the meat.

The Many Benefits of Ginger...

health benefits of ginger
Ginger is considered a root and it actually comes from an underground stem that's called a rhizome. It can be used in several ways. Ginger can be consumed fresh and eaten raw where you peel the outer skin or cut away the excess skin.

8 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil

coconut oil benefits

100% Natural. Aids in Digestion. Helps with Weight Loss. Immunity Booster. If you haven't tried it, you may not know about the many health benefits it coconut oil has. Coconut oil is used in the hair, on the skin, in diets and for healthy living. Heal your body the natural way with coconut oil.

Can I Take Turmeric If I Have Gerd?

turmeric for heart burn
Gerd causes a lot of discomfort, and if not properly managed, it can get worse. Drugs have been manufactured to deal with the condition. However, most people prefer to use alternative medicine to handle the problem.

Can Turmeric Benefit People With Nerve Pain?

turmeric for neuropathic pain
With neuropathic pain becoming rampant among many people, it is important to analyze its causes and try to establish solutions to cure the condition. Nerve pain is known for the untold misery it causes to victims of this condition. Neuropathic pain is a condition that arises from injury or infection of the nerves such that they are not able to communicate well with the brain.