How To Restrict Excessive Calories and Avoid Daily Fatigue

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Sometimes, merely working out does not remove the constant lethargy or fatigue some of us tend to feel. Have you ever considered that perhaps it is the excessive calorie consumption in your daily diet that is the main culprit?

It is true that consuming too many calories tends to make you feel fatigued and less active. This is primarily why health experts and dietitians emphasize low-calorie eating plans to help you maintain a favorable weight. This in turn also bolsters your energy level.

Fatigue - What it is

Fatigue is the constant feeling of weariness, of not feeling energetic at any time, even after resting. A number of reasons could cause us to feel fatigued all the time, including consuming lesser or excessive calories daily.

What we eat and how much we eat of it have a major impact on our energy levels, activity and alertness.

How Reducing Excessive Calories Eliminates Fatigue

It is important to remember that the right amount of calories make all the difference in your energy levels. Do you know why this happens? The fact is that by consuming excessive calories, one forces his/her body to outperform the necessary caloric intake.

As a result, the person’s tiredness increases consistently and they feel out of energy almost all the time. This is the reason why health specialists keep highlighting the necessity of being conscious of whatever you eat.

Certain foods are extremely essential and they provide healthy calories for our body while other foods don’t. Another simple logic behind excessive calorie consumption is that when you eat extra, your digestive system has to work double to process the load. This too contributes to your fatigue.

Here is how you can maintain a check on your calories consumption to fight fatigue:

  1. Remember to eat a balanced diet. Your meals should contain foods that are energy sources and not loaded with carbs and fats. For example, focusing on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, poultry and fish is a good way of keeping unwanted calories away. Also try to consume more nonfat or low-fat dairy products.
  2. Meet your healthcare provider and ask for your daily calorie needs. When you are aware of how many calories you ideally need, you’ll maintain a more favorable weight without losing energy. Both men and women weighing beyond 165 pounds can lose weight successfully by consuming 1000 to 1200 calories a day. Eating less or more than this required amount will cause fatigue.
  3. You can also avoid excessive calorie-intake by changing your meal plan. For instance, if you have been following the three-meals a day routine, you can now switch to more meals and snacks a day. The only thing is to ensure you eat small portions of whatever you’re consuming. For example, you could have a turkey sandwich or a whole-grains bowl after three hours. For a snack you could some fat-free yogurt, berries or apple etc.
  4. One major reason why people tend to consume excessive calories is when they don’t drink sufficient water. They feel emptier inside more frequently and thus grab for calorie-loaded foods more often. By drinking enough fluids, you will stay more hydrated, fuller and more active.


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