Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief Benefits of Turmeric

How Does Turmeric Benefit My Joint Pain and Arthritis?

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Turmeric's active ingredient is responsible for joint pain and arthritis relief. This active ingredient is called Curcumin, named after Turmeric itself, whose scientific name is Circuma longa. This amazing root has traditionally been used as a medicine for hundreds of years beginning in the Southern Asian regions of the world and slowly spreading outwards through the use of both culinary and medicinal trade. This versatile root has been used in many traditional culinary dishes from a variety of cultures such as India, China, Africa, and many others.

Scientists have understandably taken a liking to studying this wonderful root and all of the medicinal properties inside of it, trying to either prove or disprove the claims laid from hundreds of years of documentation and trade. They've found surmounting evidence that many of these claims are true, and Turmeric has become even more popular in the United States over the last few years through the popularization of cultural dishes in our cuisine as well as the ever-increasing need for medicine and relief from various ailments. Since Turmeric had all of these wonderful claims around it, studies began. These studies found a variety of truths in the claims from other cultures such as anti-inflammatory effects, anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant and many other properties.

How Do I Choose the Right Turmeric?

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With this evidence coming to light, many people have begun to take Turmeric for their joint pain and arthritis relief. Turmeric's benefits for arthritis pain is not only incredible, but it is also sustainable. Many people who have experienced chronic arthritis pain or joint pain symptoms throughout their life have also experienced incredible relief and benefits from taking Turmeric on a regular basis.

The trick is finding the right amount of Curcumin content within your Turmeric. Turmeric root on its own is not often harvested for optimal Curcumin content, with much of the industry purchasing the root for culinary purposes. Crop growers are focusing more and more on optimal taste, rather than optimal medicinal benefits. Often times because of this, the Turmeric root or ground root powder you can find in many grocery stores will have a stale Curcumin content if any at all, and you won't be receiving your money's worth.

Benefits of Turmeric Extracts

It's best to choose an extract of Curcumin instead of purchasing the raw root of Turmeric. This helps ensure that you are getting the correct amount of Curcumin content for your money, as Turmeric at it's highest concentration often only contains 3% Curcumin. You'd have to eat a lot of Turmeric root to have the same benefits as a few grams of extract.

health benefits turmericIt doesn't stop there – Curcumin is not readily bioavailable, meaning your body will have a hard time absorbing all of the nutrients and health benefits that come from both Turmeric and the Curcumin.

Adding black pepper to your extract, or finding a product that already contains a sufficient amount of black pepper for proper bioavailability is an effective way of getting the most Curcumin out of your extract. Many different suppliers will claim to have better bioavailability with Curcumin alone but they can't be guaranteed unless their product contains black pepper as well.

The active ingredient in black pepper is called piperine. This compound has been shown to nearly half the time in which it takes for Curcumin benefits to show in lab studies and tests. It has also been shown to increase the halflife of benefits in both rats and humans with no adverse effects evident. The increase in curcumin's bioavailability was a little over 2000% thanks to the addition of piperine in the extract.

Arthritis and Joint Pain Symptom Relief

Turmeric's role in arthritis and joint pain symptom relief is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits of this amazing root. Many different benefits have been identified such as treatment for Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, gastric ulcers, gastric inflammation and many more ailments.

turmeric health benefitsTurmeric plays a therapeutic role in the diet of many individuals who suffer from arthritis pains and joint pain symptoms, even it is a long-time or chronic ailment. Extensive clinical trials have been performed on the efficacy of Turmeric and Curcumin both individually, providing extraordinary results in tests and placebo trials. Much of the arthritis relief benefits of Turmeric is thanks to Curcumin's anti-inflammatory properties, helping ease the swelling and tension between sensitive joints and strained bones.

Curcumin is also known to include a large amount antioxidants that are easily able to help your body relieve itself of free radical molecules. These molecules are thought to be the mechanism which is behind a large number of diseases and even aging. These molecules are known for being highly chemically reactive towards, and binding to, unpaired electrons. This means that these free radicals often react with organic substances such as fatty acids, proteins or DNA sequences. These can collect and hurt your body's function – thought to be one of the main mechanisms behind oxidative damage and ailments such as joint pain and arthritis, it's important to help unclog your body from such damage. Having this damage unchecked throughout your body, bound to fatty acids and DNA is highly unhealthy for your body. The active compound within Turmeric, Curcumin, can help unbind these free radicals, helping to give your body a little bit of “grease for the wheels” as some might say.

When Can I Expect Results?

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Many people even experience relief in as little as six weeks taking through taking a Curcumin extract product. Others experience results through the use of turmeric milk, which is a recipe made by making a paste with Curcumin extract, or Turmeric root powder, along with other herbs and root powders, and combining it with a small glass of milk. The resulting mixture is much sweeter than the straight root and is easier for many people to digest. Many people begin to see results with Curcumin and black pepper extract within the first week, and with continuous use, individuals often see results increase as time goes on.