Study Shows Turmeric (Curcumin) To Be As Effective As Prozac At Treating Depression

turmeric replaces prozac

Depression is one of the commonest disorders today. The reason why probably most people have knowingly or unknowingly found themselves in the cocoon of depression is the many things in life demanding their attention. These issues vary from family, business, social, political and educational matters. Studies have confirmed that while people start up projects such as family or businesses, they kick start with very high expectations of success. To their disappointment, they soon learn that life is not always as we would wish. The disappointments accrue enormous frustration that they cannot help but spend their entire time thinking about. The result is the sad state of depression.

Unhealthy lifestyles is another common cause of depression. When people are not sensitive to how they lead their lives, they are likely to contract diseases that could just be a massive threat to their peace. Such illnesses make them victims of depression. The greatest news you can tell persons suffering from depression is how they would get relieved of the excess stress. Showing them a method or way of doing away with the thoughts that torment them day and night would just brighten their faces with a smile. Nobody would love to live a life that is devoid of peace, a life of too much worry and anxiety until you can barely see any worth to live.

What is depression?

Many people confuse depression with stress. Though having a very direct relationship as stress leads to depression, the two are not the same. Depression is a disorder of the brain characterized by abnormality of the neurotransmitters arising from hormonal imbalance, tough life situations or even diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

Symptoms of depression

what is depression

Results from studies show that depression is accompanied by some symptoms. The victims portray a mixture of emotions. These emotions normally of sadness and bitterness. They appear to be sad with literally everything and everyone. Fury and anger are other noticeable effects of depression. The victims also seem to have a lot o restlessness and anxiety. Their appetite is also greatly reduced and thus succumb to significant changes in their body weight. Though not doing much, victims of depression suffer from general body tiredness.

Turmeric and depression

Many solutions have been adopted over the years to help depressed people. While their help cannot be underestimated, in most cases their help is always short-lived. That studies have recommended the use of turmeric to help deal with the issue of depression is really good news. Being a natural herb, mild on your body yet so effective, victims of depression can comfortably turn to it for help. Many people have been using the supplements of the herb on food a flavor additive not knowing its medicinal value.

The health personnel that helps people suffering from depression have analyzed and turmeric for depressiontested the effects and benefits of turmeric and later compiled them after the studies. They at first tested the supplements of turmeric on animals, which yielded very positive results. With the first few days of using turmeric contents, noticeable observations were made of an improved condition.

Turmeric contains an anti-depressant substance called Curcumin. It is an active compound that helps relax the neurons. The study shows that it takes a very short period of about six weeks for a patient using it to recover from depression. While comparing the efficacy of the curcumin compound with that of fluoxetine on patients of depression, medics affirm that curcumin is way much effective in anti-depressant activities. Again, the study recommends the safety of curcumin on the CNS of the patients. Its natural state is just mild on a patient's nervous system, unlike other anti-depressant supplements that affect the central nervous system. Results show that curcumin worked tolerably with all patients who are not the case with many other anti-depressant compounds. Turmeric Curcuminoids are therefore very effective as a Prozac in depression treatment. Analysis of the clinical evidence also shows that many clinics that treat depressed people recommend and prescribe curcuminoids to their patients than any other type of depression treatment substances.

The efficacy and safety mode of turmeric curcuminoids in reducing the conditions of depression have earned them a lot of trust from both patients of depression and doctors. Unlike other adopted solutions that offer help for a short period before the patient goes back to the former condition, curcumin ensures consistent improvement which can last for a longer time, and thus really helpful to depression patients.