The Importance of Mental Health Days

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The world health organization has set the date of October the 10th as mental health day. Moreover, the month of May, every year, celebrates mental health month. The whole point of associating days and months to mental health is to raise awareness of the dangers of mental health. Even though large majorities of people suffer from issues of mental health, it still comes evokes bad stigma in society. This article discusses mental health, and the many ways you can celebrate mental health days.

Mental Health

Our brain is a complex and highly remarkable organ. It efficiently helps us carry the day to day operations. It works so effortlessly, that oftentimes you can fail to realize that like anything, our brain can also suffer from malfunctions and become unwell. With a good state of mental health, our brain can elevate our moods and perform a near-miraculous set of tasks.

Since our brain dictates most of our physiological well-being, having bad mental health can lead to various issues. Ultimately, mental health affects our physiological, social, and emotional conditions. It can be an adamant factor that determines how we feel and act in a specific situation. In other words, it is something that can completely alter our state of being, and our perceptions of reality.

More importantly, it can deeply affect the choices that you make, some of which can also have a lasting impact on your life. Therefore, it is essential for the well-being of a person. Without proper mental health, your life can take a drastic turn and you may start developing a negative thought process.

This can gradually lead you to end up in unwanted and emotionally painful situations. For this reason, the happier people in life make efforts to work on their mental health, while those that indulge in activities that disrupt mental health usually end up struggling with issues relating to anxiety and depression.

Moreover, bad mental health can also be detrimental to your self-esteem, harming it in ways that make you question your existence, which often lead to suicidal thoughts. The worst-case scenario of suffering from mental health issues is suicide. One of the most key reasons the World Health Organization set October the 10th as mental health day was to counter the deaths due to suicide.

The worst thing about suffering from bad mental health is that you cannot diagnose the problem directly, and most of the time, you cannot figure out what is causing it. Psychologists and therapists can make the most out of their diagnosis by judging the symptoms and evaluating them with the data that they collect over countless therapy sessions.  

Other than that, the complexities of the brain, along with the depths of our subconscious, make it entirely difficult to dissect the root causes of mental health problems in an individual. Nevertheless, several studies can help identify certain activities that can contribute to issues such as depression, anxiety, or stress.  

How to Spend Mental Health Days

Similarly, they can also help you identify between what is healthy, and not healthy for your mind. People use those studies to make changes in their lives, and for many, they have had astounding impacts on their mental health, making them happier and more content with their lives. These often involve small changes in your daily routine. Below are some of the most common habits that you can adopt for good mental health and ways you can celebrate mental health days.

Keep a Journal

Putting pen to paper does not only help you remember things that you are prone to forget. Instead, it can also help you track down your day-to-day feelings. This in turn helps you look back at the life and figure out your thought patterns and moments that trigger an emotional response. Once you have all of this knowledge about your mind, you can use it to start making healthy changes in your life.

Moreover, pouring down your feelings in a journal is also a form of catharsis. By doing so, it can help you release your bottled-up frustrations and negative energy on a piece of paper. To some, this can be a calming experience. Not to mention, often time we forget to appreciate our wins in life, and a journal can be the friend that reminds us of our accomplishments.

Go Off the Grid

Sometimes, it is the concrete walls and responsibilities of modern work life that are putting a burden on your mental wellbeing. Going away for a few days can be a liberating experience since it rids you from the alarm bells, notifications, alerts, and car honks of city life.

In other words, if your current life is full of distracting stimulations, it can often result in overwhelming the brain into producing responses. Psychologically, this can be very unhealthy for your brain. Hence, you need opportunities in which you can empty your mind and let it heal and recover from worldly interruptions.

Going off the grid does not only involve taking a day off and shutting down your phone, it can also mean that you go on a nature adventure. According to studies, being around nature can help you uplift your mood.  

Watch Comedy

Laughter has strong correlations with elevating moods and curing mental health. Hence, a simple way to spend mental-health days would be to get into comfortable clothes, grab a bowl of your favorite snack, and consume content that makes you laugh.

To Conclude

Mental health is a severe problem and can cause a state of crisis. It can consume a person’s will to live in the worst cases. Awareness is therefore most important. Fortunately, the ways to counter mental health problems are simple. Mental health days are a reminder that makes people aware of the realities of mental health. It not only helps ease the burden for mental health patients but also gets this issue into the conversation.


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