7 Benefits of Vitamin C Face Serum

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Vitamin C serum is the solution to a variety of our skin problems. Often we tend to complicate our skincare regime with such a conflicting range of products that we forget the benefits of natural resources.

There is nothing better than replenishing our tender skins with nature’s gifts. In fact even the results are long-lasting and the side effects next to none. Hence, the next time you go hunting for a product that could give you the skin you desire, here are the reasons to look to vitamin C face serum for your skin benefits.

1.    Keeps you Hydrated

There are some studies that suggest vitamin C must be present in high concentrations in the organs for a skin to be healthy. But how can one accumulate high concentration of the good vitamin C?

Circulation helps accumulate the necessary amount of vitamin C that replenishes and improves our skin. In fact, medical experts believe that topical vitamin C, in ascorbic acid form, is the best option for penetrating the skin.

Several studies prove that vitamin C and certain derivatives, such as magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, hydrate the skin very well. Perhaps the reason why these derivatives are successful in hydrating the skin is because they control the transepidermal loss of water of our skin. This helps it to retain moisture better and this look supple, healthy and radiant.

2.    Suitable for Most Skins

One of the most appealing factors of vitamin C serum is that it suits most of the skin types and does not really have any side effects. The impressive safety profile makes it suitable for people with sensitive skins too and only in rare cases causes mild irritation.

In fact, this safety profile also makes vitamin C compatible with other actives of skin care, including SPF, retinols and alpha hydroxyl acids.

3.    Smoothens Imperfections

Did you know that vitamin C serum also works as an anti-inflammatory agent? That’s right, it does because of its antioxidant capacity. Due to this property, the serum can soothe your puffiness and smoothen the skin, making it shine flawlessly.

Some other positive experiences you will due to the antioxidant properties of vitamin C are;

  • Optimization of the immune system, thereby discouraging an inflammatory immune response
  • Neutralizing free radicals that render oxidative harm

4.    Lightens the Skin Tone

For those who suffer from pigmentation, causing their skin to look unnaturally dark, vitamin C serum can be even more useful. By using this serum, you can help the pigmentation to fade away and smoothen your surface skin’s surface. This also helps the redness to disappear, lending the skin a bright youthful glow.

Further studies show that applying vitamin C can also impede the production melanin. The latter is the pigment that lends the natural color to your skin. This activity further helps the dark spots marring your skin to disappear and the general dullness to fade.

Once all these things fade away with continuous use, the serum helps a dewy glow to transform on your skin.

5.    Helps You Say Goodbye to Dark Circles

Fine lines under the eye and the unbecoming dark circles are a cause of despair and anxiety for many of us. Vitamin C serum comes to the rescue again and helps calm the fine lines down with its hydrating and plumping benefits.

You will notice quite a noticeable reduction in the overall redness under your eye with regular application of the serum. Also, a study discovered that even a ten-percent amount of vitamin C in sodium ascorbate can improve dark circles.

By using the serum for six months continuously, one will notice a thickening in the eyelid dermis and concealing the dark color from the congested blood.

6.    Protects Skin from UV Damage

When the vitamin C levels in your skin begin to deplete, your skin becomes vulnerable to excessive UV irradiation and oxidative stress through pollutants. You are surely aware of the damage free radicals or molecules as we know them, can cause.

These molecules are mainly atoms that have a missing electron. These same free radicals tend to attack other atoms present so that they can steal an electron from them. This unfavorable activity tends to cause significant damage to one’s skin.

Since vitamin C contains rich amount antioxidants, it can help protect your skin’s healthy cells by lending an electron to the free radicals. Once the antioxidants accomplish this, they render the free radicals harmless for the skin, further protecting its health.

7.    Anti-Aging Benefits

When our skins begin to lose firmness and elasticity, they begin to sag and wrinkle, often making us look much older than our age. Collagen plays a vital part in enhancing the firmness and elasticity of our skin. For those who don’t know, collagen is a key protein that occurs naturally in our body but also depletes over time.

If we do nothing to restore the depleting collagen levels, our skins will soon fall pretty to wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C serum can help restore your skin’s natural collagen producing capacity. It does so through a process called collagen synthesis.

Vitamin C is the most crucial element for collagen synthesis because it serves as the cofactor of two necessary enzymes:

  • Lysyl hydroxylase for providing structural strength
  • Prolyl hydroxylase for stabilizing collagen molecule

Since vitamin C serum can successfully restore the collagen production of your skin, it helps produce an overall tightening effect. At some point in time, extreme weight loss, oxidative stress damage and natural aging can cause our skin to sag.

By using vitamin C serum, you can offset an older looking skin and make it look more toned and firmer for long.

Final Thought

Vitamin C serum is a highly beneficial substance for preserving and improving the health and suppleness of skin. It can address multiple skin issues simultaneously, including problems like pigmentation, skin dehydration, dark circle and blemishes and much more.

However, to experience the best results of vitamin C serum for your skin, you may be consistent with its use. Some choose to apply it at the start of the day for maximum skin protection from UV damage while others prefer it as a night serum.





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