Exposing The True Health Benefits of Biotin

biotin benefits

Biotin comes from the family of B complex vitamins, helping our bodies break down food into energy. Perhaps this is primarily why we most commonly know of Biotin as vitamin H. In this article, we will highlight all the health benefits this useful vitamin substance can give you.

Biotin’s health benefits take root from the fact that the word itself means ‘sustenance’ or ‘life’ in Greek. Biotin is a crucial element for everyone because the B vitamins family enhances the health of our nervous system, liver, eyes, hair and the skin too.

While a healthy and balanced diet can ensure that we receive the required daily intake of biotin, its supplements can help overcome what lacks in the diet. Lately, the medical world has been making claims that an increased amount of biotin in the body can balance the blood sugar.

Moreover, they say it is a super beneficial substance for pregnant woman because biotin helps support embryonic growth. Meanwhile others too can experience improved heath of the nails, skin and hair.

Health Benefits

1.      Healthy Fingernails and Skin

Instead of spending a huge sum of money on high-end cosmetic products and treatments, a far better and healthier option is to use biotin. By including this B complex vitamin substance into your beauty regime, you’ll experience improvements in the health of your fingernails and skin.

Daily supplement intake will hydrate and replenish your skin, smoothen it and give you an overall radiance and suppleness. Even your nails will start growing faster and stronger with daily biotin consumption.

2.      Blood Sugar Management

There have been several studies that have concluded the positive effects of biotin for blood sugar management. There is a satisfactory amount of data that proves biotin helps manage diabetes symptoms and can even help patients contain it in the preliminary stages of development.

Moreover, vitamin B can also boost the brain’s function, which is further helpful in managing neuropathy. The latter is a condition in which the nerves of a person become dysfunctional or suffer damage due to diabetes.

There is also some evidence that suggests the benefits of biotin for preventing kidney damage in patients with type 1 diabetes. Those who are insulin-dependent may find biotin helpful in overcoming their condition.

However, one must note that there is no conclusive evidence on this subject yet and research is still underway to determine the hundred-percent efficacy of biotin for type-1 diabetes.

3.      Helps Promote Healthy Pregnancies

Biotin is a crucial substance for moms to be, mainly because of its active role in aiding the embryonic growth, for a health pregnancies, healthcare professionals recommend biotin supplements to help pregnant women overcome their biotin deficiencies.

The latter is quite a common condition among pregnant women and often causes a number of health issues for developing babies.

4.      Lustrous and Healthy Hair

Like all of its other benefits, biotin has also proved to be quite beneficial for the health of our hair. Surely we all can admit secretly dreaming of voluminous, lustrous and shiny hair. Nothing beats the charm of a head full of gorgeous, strong hair but sadly many of us don’t get to enjoy that.

Research provides concrete evidence that biotin is a useful substance that promotes hair growth, while improving the scalp coverage, volume and shine. This is especially a ray of hope for women specifically who suffer from thinning hair problem.

Biotin- Natural Sources

There is nothing better than ensuring a healthy diet that is rich with vitamins and essential nutrients. If one can manage to give their body all the necessary nutrients through a complete diet, there wouldn’t be any deficiencies in their bodies.

If you too wish to increase your nutrient intake through diet, then here are the natural sources for increasing your biotin level in the body.

  • Mushrooms
  • Bananas
  • Cauliflower
  • Cereals and whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Soybeans
  • Nut butters
  • Nuts including walnuts, pecans, peanuts and almonds
  • Organ meats like kidney and liver
  • Egg yolk

If you wish to consume a more active form of biotin, we recommend consuming the above mentioned foods in their raw or less-processed forms. The reason behind it is that food-processing techniques tend to kill the essential nutrients in the ingredients.

What good is overcooking if it renders the biotin level in the food ineffective for the person eating it? Hence, the best way to get the maximum nutrients from the natural food resources is to refrain from overly processing or overcooking them.

If you’re still unable to meet your body’s biotin needs in a day, you can always consider using a supplement for better results. Make sure to seek your doctor’s recommendation for appropriate brands or seek approval for one before you start taking a supplement.

Since the FDA does not monitor supplement brands, there is hardly a foolproof way of verifying the quality, safety, appropriate dosage and purity of a supplement. One can only trust the well-reputed brands that others popular use too.

Biotin’s Recommended Daily Dose

For adolescents and adults, the daily recommended dose of biotin is between thirty to a hundred micrograms of the vitamin substance. Biotin is mostly water soluble, hence we lose most of it from our body each time we pass out urine.

However, one must note that although biotin supplements agree well with most people, there can be rare exceptions in which people may suffer side effects. There are a few number of people who tend to have digestive issues and nausea, although mild, after taking biotin supplements.

However, the good news is that so far none of the studies have reported toxic symptoms from too much biotin consumption or life-threatening side effects too.

Final Thoughts

The discovery of data to establish the absolute beneficial effect of biotin is still underway. However, based on what investigative medical teams have discovered so far, biotin is vital for restoring healthy and normal body functions.

It is especially good for pregnant women who could benefit from the improved embryonic growth. Others too can benefit tremendously from biotin supplements and experienced improved health of their nails, skin, hair and nervous system.




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