Can Turmeric Benefit People With Nerve Pain?

turmeric for nerve pain

With neuropathic pain becoming rampant among many people, it is important to analyze its causes and try to establish solutions to cure the condition. Nerve pain is known for the untold misery it causes to victims of this condition. Neuropathic pain is a condition that arises from injury or infection of the nerves such that they are not able to communicate well with the brain. Such injury or diseases cause damage to the nerve tissues thus leading to a lot of pain. Damaged nerve fibers make the whole nervous systems dysfunctional in the sense that it lacks sensation and thus leads to numbness.

Another type of nerve pain is Sciatica which refers to pain experienced in various body parts such as the hips, legs or the back that arises when the roots of the spinal nerve known as Sciatic Nerve is compressed.

Causes of nerve pain

While damage to nerve cells and tissues is the main cause of nerve pain, medical practitioners have affirmed some causes that lead to this damage. These causes include alcoholism, problems in the hips, back and leg regions, effects of chemotherapy nerve pain feetespecially during cancer treatment and surgery of the spine. The doctors also identify diabetes as a possible cause of nerve pain as well as infections arising from HIV.

It is easy to detect the conditions of neuropathic pain and Sciatica as symptoms like sharp and burning pains, numbness of body organs like the legs and tingling accompany these disorders. Upon noticing such signs and symptoms, victims should take immediate action to help rectify the situation before it gets to worse levels that will be difficult to control. The intense pain that is as a result of injury or inflammation of the nerves brings pain and difficulty in activities like walking, standing or even sitting.

Turmeric and Nerve Pain

The treatment for neuropathic pain and sciatica involves the use of an anti-inflammatory turmeric for nerve painsubstance that helps reduce the inflammation and damage of the nerve fibers and tissues. While many remedies are adopted as a solution to nerve pain, turmeric still stands an unmatched anti-inflammatory herb in the treatment of the nerve pains. It is a herb that has an Asian origin and originally used as a spice to add flavor while cooking food. Over the years, people have discovered the medicinal value of turmeric and thus have appreciated the many benefits that come along with turmeric. You cannot talk about nerve pain and sideline the benefits of turmeric in rectifying or reducing the neuropathic pain.

Benefits of turmeric

Controlling the body aeration

Circulation of air, commonly referred to as aeration is a paramount aspect that affects the functioning of the nervous system. The blood circulatory system that works with the nervous system ought to be very effective such that the required content of air that should reach the brain does so within the appropriate time. Again, all unwanted gasses should be eliminated from our bodies immediately. Turmeric supplements enhance proper air circulation in the body and thus relieve the nerve cells by harmful gasses.

Enhancing blood supply

One of the causes of nerve pain a faulty blood supply system. Taking turmeric or its contents facilitates blood supply to all parts of the body and thus ensure that the nerve cells and tissues are well supplied with blood. This supply avails required nutrients for nourishing the cells.

Anti-inflammatory help

Turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, its ability to prevent inflammation of cells and tissues as well as restore damaged and swollen parts through a substance it contains called curcumin. This benefit makes many people use it while battling with cases of inflammation confidently.

Increasing sensitivity of nerve cells

When nerve cells lose sensitivity, the body parts become numb. The organs thus become less sensitive to stimuli such as pain. Turmeric is a permanent solution to the problem of body numbness. It increases the sensitivity of the nerves in that they respond to stimuli much faster.

Faster breakdown of lipoprotein

Too many lipoproteins in our bodies can exert a lot of pressure on the body tissues. This pressure can lead to compression of the nerve cells thus causing inflammation and later nerve pain. Turmeric has an ability to speed up the breakdown of the fats and protein thus relieving the body of much pressure. Due to its benefits, turmeric can, therefore, help people with nerve pains.

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