Top 5 Exercises to Fight Anxiety


At some point in life, most of us fall prey to anxiety and stress. Life can get awfully overwhelming and if we don’t take measures to check our anxiety and stress levels, we can soon lose health.

Here are top 5 exercises to help you combat anxiety and cope with the pressures or life.

1.     Yoga

We all are well aware of yoga by now but since it is so remarkably effective, we have to mention it. Yoga is an exercise form that combines controlled breathing with working out.

You have to combine your core exercises in this form to boost your physical and mental health together. Whether you choose to do yoga in a group or alone, remember that it releases symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress and helps strengthen your resolve.

2.     Running

Running is unbeatably the best exercise and you can do that without needing any special or expensive equipment. Running is an exhilarating experience each time but massively helpful. It burns calories fasters, rids you of stress-eating cravings and helps let go of the frustration and anxiety building inside you.

This exercise is the best combatant against cardiac diseases and extends your life too. Moreover, it has proved in several studies that running can be a mood changer too. It releases neurotransmitters inside you that make you feel good for long.

We refer to the norepinephrine and serotonin neurotransmitters that have a deep association with good feelings.

3.     Weightlifting

If you’re not weightlifting at least twice a week, you’re being unfair to yourself. Weightlifting is not only super beneficial for your health and the heart but also for releasing stress and anxiety.

This exercise improves your physical appearance and helps you unleash the troubling emotions that the traumas of life build inside. Along with releasing aggression, anger and anxiety, you will also do your physique a huge favor by lifting weights.

4.     Hiking

Hiking is as good as running and it can work wonders for your mental and physical health. To make it even better, try to go hiking in the woods, where you sweat off your anxiety and let the nature-filled trails revive your mind body and soul.

Science gives evidence that spending time exercising among trees, plants and nature emits chemicals that help humans release anxiety. Research continues to evolve and there is more growing evidence that immersing in nature in therapeutic and improves mental health.

5.     Swimming

Want a kick of adrenaline while release all the pent-up anxiety in you? Then try swimming. Along with being a fantastic form of exercise, swimming is quite effective at fighting anxiety and stress.

It helps you breathe deeper and stronger using several muscles. From enhancing your flexibility to helping you unload mental pressures, there’s a lot of good a pool of water can do for you. By moving your muscles vigorously in a swimming pool, you increase flexibility and combat depression and anxiety.

Exercising is the key to a healthy and maximized life but it also therapeutic in nature for combating depressions. With a regular exercising regime, you will stay mentally and physically healthy for long.


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